Web Accessibility Auditing

AXXS can help improve your user experience and reduce your legal liability by auditing your website for Section 508 and WCAG violations. And unlike our competitors, we use both automated tools AND manual testing to ensure we find all roadblocks.

Accessible Design Consultation

Whether you’re building a new site, or adding new features to an existing one, AXXS can help by reviewing your comps and wireframes to spot any potential issues BEFORE they are implemented.

Coding Services

At AXXS, we don’t just find accessibility issues, we fix them as well. Our developers can work remotely, or onsite to fix your accessibility issues.

Web Accessibility Training

AXXS offers onsite training courses to ensure your developers have the knowledge and skills necessary to produce top-notch accessible code. Our courses are short on theory, and long on practical, hands-on skills.

Course Topics Include:

  • Types of disabilities and concerns associated with them
  • How to test your websites for accessibility issues
  • HTML5 and Aria roles
  • Accessible forms
  • Accessible tables
  • Creating accessible widgets (menus, accordions, tabs, etc.)
  • Advanced accessibility issues

For more information on any of our services, please contact us.