AXXS president and founder Dean Hamack has seventeen years of experience as a Frontend Developer and Accessibility Consultant. Dean’s passion for accessibility began in 2005 after suffering from a detached retina, that nearly left him blind. Since then, he has worked for some of the biggest companies on the web, including five Fortune 500’s. He was the lead developer on the 14 million Euro E.U. funded Webinos project, and has been cited by the W3C as an expert in the area of mobile website development.

In 2015, he was contracted by Microsoft as an Accessibility Subject Matter Expert, where he spent a year auditing Microsoft websites, training and hiring developers, creating training curriculum, and developing an accessible code library for Microsoft’s developers.

Whether you’re a Fortune 100 company, or a startup, you can trust Dean and his team of developers and consultants to find and fix accessibility issues, and train your employees to write accessible code.